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leather bag
Handmade Leather Bags

Alfie Douglas studio are made up of a group of people who are interested in design, create and make their own products.They gathered together so that their creatives can interact and incubate ideas.

Alfie Douglas Showroom
Alfie Douglas Showroom

Their products are original. They are simple visually and in the way that they are made. Ingenious in the way that they can be adapted and customized in their function. Each one is different, singular, made by hand to be reliable and sustainable. Comfortable to use.

Life is busy, Alfie Douglas products are made to adapt to an ever-changing lifestyle.If you need products that work with you and that are dependable and mould to you, you may like their products.


Alfie Douglas’ customers are individuals with a strong sense of identity. Adventurous and energetic. Free and active. Confident and capable, actively seeking new adventures. Cherishing and valuing their possessions, conscientious of their impact on the future.

Here are some customers’ look with Alfie Douglas products.

leather toteleather bag               brown leather bagleather bags         black leather bag

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