DIY Stamped Leather Tie Clip

clipToday, I want to share an easy DIY course of stamped leather tie clip. Read the following and you’ll find it is really quick and simple.leather tools

If you want to make one of these beauts for your man friend, you’ll need:

a tiny bit of thick leather

craft knife

a blank tie clip (you should be able to find them for about $1 at your craft store

strong glue

a letter and number punch set

a hammer

leather cuttingStart by cutting your leather to the size and shape of your tie clip. Next, choose a word or phrase to stamp on your leather and stamp it in using the metal punch set and a hammer. We experimented with a few choice words.

finish leather clipFinally, glue the leather piece onto the tie clip, ensuring that it’ll be right-side-up when the tie clip is attached to the right side of the tie.

Super Simple DIY: Leather Key Sets

It is really a great choice to start leather DIY with leather key sets. Even if you never have any experiences about leather production, you can easily make key sets successfully.


Authoring Tool


Sewing Needle

Hand Sewing Thread




Step1. Cut a small piece of leather according to the key size.
Step2. Try to wrap the key and resize again.
Step3. Cut two corners.
Step4. Hand stitching two sides, then punch a small hole.
Step5. Put the key into the key set.
Step6. Finish!

Accordion Photo Album DIY

photo album

This style of photo album are compact, personal, and overall have a great design. Take a look below to read how to create one for yourself!

diy album


Photo paper

rubber cement

sponge brush


leather cord



Begin by creating a collage strip of photos on your computer.

Next, print the collage onto a large piece of photo paper.

Then, cut out the strips of photos. I left a border along my photos, but this step is completely up to your own preference.

Bend the photos back and forth along the edges, accordion style.

Next, cut the leather into two pieces for the cover of the album. With a crop-a-dile, punch holes in the leather and thread the cord through. To find the correct length of the cord, stretch out the photo strips to see how wide it would need to be to see all of the photos.

Attach the back of the first and last images to the leather with the rubber cement. Let the rubber cement dry before moving the album.

Easy as that! I think what I love most about these photo accordions is the story you can tell in such a small amount of photos.

album leather album photo album



DIY Triangle Leather Pouch

DIY-triangle-leather-pouches-almost-makes-perfectTriangle leather pouch are really cute and practical, and more important, it’s easy to DIY. They’re perfect for keys, lipsticks, change – any little items in your purse that need corralling, or you could also just use as a tiny little clutch for your key and cash when you’re going out.

a note on sourcing your leather or suede
i didn’t only choose to use faux leather for this for moral reasons, but also because it’s much thinner and easier to work with. if you choose to use real leather, make sure you get a light or medium weight versus a very thick hide for tooling. i used authentic suede, but it’s fairly lightweight and it’s still much thicker than the faux leather pouches.

DIY-triangle-pouch12 3 4 5 6
print out the pattern and cut the shape out, then trace the shape onto your leather and cut that out.
follow the folding pattern you see in the photos above, and try to gently crease as you fold for when you do it again. decide where you want your inner clasp and mark it with a pencil.
unfold the pouch, and using your leather hole punch, punch the inner hole. fold your pouch up again, and mark the hole on the outer fold with a pencil. unfold and punch it as well. (this step is a LOT easier to do before gluing your pouch together)
now fold your pouch yet again, but this time you want to glue the front half to the back half, to essentially create the pouch. liberally add your glue and let it dry while being clamped together with binder clips (don’t worry about the marks they’ll leave, those will go away). let dry overnight.
once your pouch has dried, remove the binder clips and add the screwback. if you’re using suede or real leather, you might need to cut a tiny slit across the hole for easier fastening, but i only needed to do that on the suede — the faux leather is much easier to slip on and off.