King of Men Leather Bag – Dulles Handbag

Dulles BagDulles Bag is still popular in nowadays. It is the prototype of the British tradition briefcase which prefers to the “Top Free Briefcase” in English. Just as its name implies, Dulles Bag can be used to put some files and is suitable for office workers such as lawyers or businessmen. This package is popular for its tough lines and robust construction.

As one of the most high-end portfolio, this package is widely known as Dulles Bag due to the use of the former US Secretary of Sate John Foster Dulles.

John Foster Dulles
John Foster Dulles

In today’s Japan, Dulles Handbag is a commercial handbag generally held by mature male, and some people even crown it “The King of The Bag”. The thick leather, iron frame mouth that can be fully bonded, quality tongue buckle and shiny lock make it very attractive.

In fact the name “Dully Handbag” was born in the postwar Japan. John Foster Dulles visited Japan as peace ambassador with this kind of iron framed briefcase. After that, Tanizawa, a shop owner of Ginza designed a new type of leather bag according to it and finally started to sell Dulles Handbag in Showa 26 after several attempts.8

The decorous feeling, the elegant lines, the nice grain leather and its durable function make Dulles Handbag the indispensable dream of a men.6

After many years development and improvement, today’s Dulles Handbag is more in line with modern people’s use habit.5

For any leather craftsman, Dulles Handbag is like a mountain hard to surmount because of its complicated production process and the stringent requirements of details. Witch is interesting that the sellers of Dulles Handbag’s production tutorials and accessories online will all declare in advance “The difficulty is high. Do not try.”24

The accessories and structure of Dulles Handbag is divided into key sets, pull tab, tongue buckle, partitions, floor, handles, play corner, bag body, the bag iron box and so on. Besides of the punch stitching edging, the production process involved many advanced production techniques such as the drum technique, handle production, mouth bars combination technique and so on.3

Brooklyn Handcraft Leather Brand&Studio: Basade

basader leather studio

Brooklyn handcraft leather studio Basader was created by designer Elin Johansson and Philip Antonelli.

The interesting thing is that at first, Philip Antonelli decided to make a leather bag with his friend just because he couldn’t find a suitable classic durable high quality one for himself.

In the process of making leather bag, they found it was interesting so they decided to create their own studio then and focused on handcrafting beautiful sustainable leather goods.

leather handcraft

Basader Mission:

Driven to create a perennial product and promote sustainable design principles. All work is produced locally in Brooklyn, New York, where each product is laboriously hand-dyed, cut and assembled. The design and creation of each product is meticulous, born out of a love for enduring craftsmanship , and passion for minimally styled goods.

leathercraft leather craft leather bag 1395948_311705232304118_1028113771_n

All of Basader’s leather bags use only the finest US sourced full-grain leather, such as bridle leather, oil-pull up leather, vegetable tanned leather, dyed veg-tan leather.

Briddle Leather Bag

Bridle Leather: Like veg-tan, Bridle Leather refers to a finishing process. Bridle leather is stuffed with oils and finished with wax, on both sides, to attain a beautiful finished surface. Historically, bridle leather is reminiscent of traditional english bridle bags, and one of our most durable and classic offerings.


Oil-pull up is a fascinating material. Colored using aniline dyes that render the leather more supple, it is then imbued with waxes and oils. The result is a highly durable material that gets its name for the “pulling effect” — when stretched, the oils and waxes disperse, and the leather appears to get lighter. While this might sound like a fragile leather type that couldn’t handle much abuse, the beauty of oil-pull is its inherent resiliency. When scuffed, scratched or stretched, a damp cloth and a little elbow grease will remove even the most severe of blemishes — even deep scratches (read this post if you’re curious to learn just how much abuse it will take).

Vegetable Tanned Leather Bag

Veg-tan simply refers to leather that has been finished using tannins, vegetable matter, tree bark, and a host of other natural materials (leaves, bark, fruits, roots, even nuts). Because of this, the leather starts out light tan in color, and when left undyed, sun exposure will slowly darken this leather type to a rich medium brown color. Leather connisseurs love that this leather type patinas over time.

Dyed Veg-tan Leather Bag

Not really a unique leather type as much as a basader offering. Our dyed veg-tan leather is simply vegetable tanned leather that we then dye by hand (typically, brown, black, and sometimes blue). This leather will slighly darken with age, but the color will essentially remain the same over time. Dyeing veg-tan leather is an extremely laborious task, and becuase it is slight less durable than bridle leather, we are now producing some of our older veg-tan bags in bridle.

British Minimalism Leather Goods – Alfie Douglas

leather bag
Handmade Leather Bags

Alfie Douglas studio are made up of a group of people who are interested in design, create and make their own products.They gathered together so that their creatives can interact and incubate ideas.

Alfie Douglas Showroom
Alfie Douglas Showroom

Their products are original. They are simple visually and in the way that they are made. Ingenious in the way that they can be adapted and customized in their function. Each one is different, singular, made by hand to be reliable and sustainable. Comfortable to use.

Life is busy, Alfie Douglas products are made to adapt to an ever-changing lifestyle.If you need products that work with you and that are dependable and mould to you, you may like their products.


Alfie Douglas’ customers are individuals with a strong sense of identity. Adventurous and energetic. Free and active. Confident and capable, actively seeking new adventures. Cherishing and valuing their possessions, conscientious of their impact on the future.

Here are some customers’ look with Alfie Douglas products.

leather toteleather bag               brown leather bagleather bags         black leather bag

Bamboo Grass Mountain – Beauty and Practical Leather Goods

outside of leather workshopinside leather workshop

Bamboo Grass Mountain is a small leather workshop in Japan. It opened in May, 2013 by a leather designer Atsushi Hirayama who is the leader character of Japanese leather craft industry. In addition to the production and sales activities in the workshop, the workshop also sold  leather goods in houses and cafes of Zushi and Kamakura .

leather goods  leather

Bamboo Grass Mountain focus on small leather goods such as card holder, wallet and some other leather accessories. Their design is really special especially the card holder series that match pure color leather with yellow metal. All their leather goods are creative and leather holderred leather holderbeige leather holder

Garvan De Bruir: The Irish Carpenter and Leather Craftsman

leather workshop

Garvan De Bruir, a famous carpenter, leather craftsman and designer who lives in Kildare. In fact he was only a carpenter at first and he started to contact with the leather because he needed to add leather sets to the wooden chair. Then he quickly fall in love with leather craft and started to make other leather products.

Garvan thinks that the greatest thing of leather craft is that there is no limit to your ideas and thoughts. You can make anything with leather, not only traditional leather bags but also some strange things such as leather tie, leather scarf.

Garvan headed a contemporary studio in Kildare and the workshop is oval wooden structure built by himself. So let’s look at the DE BRUIR studio and its beautiful leather products.

workshop outlookworkshop space workinginside of workshop   leather bag leather bag leather tie leather scarf