King of Men Leather Bag – Dulles Handbag

Dulles BagDulles Bag is still popular in nowadays. It is the prototype of the British tradition briefcase which prefers to the “Top Free Briefcase” in English. Just as its name implies, Dulles Bag can be used to put some files and is suitable for office workers such as lawyers or businessmen. This package is popular for its tough lines and robust construction.

As one of the most high-end portfolio, this package is widely known as Dulles Bag due to the use of the former US Secretary of Sate John Foster Dulles.

John Foster Dulles
John Foster Dulles

In today’s Japan, Dulles Handbag is a commercial handbag generally held by mature male, and some people even crown it “The King of The Bag”. The thick leather, iron frame mouth that can be fully bonded, quality tongue buckle and shiny lock make it very attractive.

In fact the name “Dully Handbag” was born in the postwar Japan. John Foster Dulles visited Japan as peace ambassador with this kind of iron framed briefcase. After that, Tanizawa, a shop owner of Ginza designed a new type of leather bag according to it and finally started to sell Dulles Handbag in Showa 26 after several attempts.8

The decorous feeling, the elegant lines, the nice grain leather and its durable function make Dulles Handbag the indispensable dream of a men.6

After many years development and improvement, today’s Dulles Handbag is more in line with modern people’s use habit.5

For any leather craftsman, Dulles Handbag is like a mountain hard to surmount because of its complicated production process and the stringent requirements of details. Witch is interesting that the sellers of Dulles Handbag’s production tutorials and accessories online will all declare in advance “The difficulty is high. Do not try.”24

The accessories and structure of Dulles Handbag is divided into key sets, pull tab, tongue buckle, partitions, floor, handles, play corner, bag body, the bag iron box and so on. Besides of the punch stitching edging, the production process involved many advanced production techniques such as the drum technique, handle production, mouth bars combination technique and so on.3

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