DIY Pannier Bags for Your Bike

diy-bike-pannier-bags-8-800x1200diy-bike-pannier-bags-9-800x1200If you’d like to ride a bicycle, you may think this DIY bags very useful. The bags are super functional and sturdy, and you can use them at the beach or anywhere. Let’s make ’em!diy-bike-pannier-bags-6-800x1200


2 bags – any bag from a sturdy material will work
2 wood squares that will fit inside and against the back of your bag
canopy tarp ties
plastic hooks
screws(2 packs of 8 – this package will come with the nuts you need as well)
flat washers
crescent wrench
phillips screwdriver
drill with 1/8″ drill bit

Make Time: 1 Hour


Step 1: Drill three holes in each wood square — two on either edge of one side, and one at the bottom center of the opposite side.

Step 2: Insert the wood square either into the back inside pocket of your bag (if it has a back pocket), or hold it against the inside back of the bag. Use an awl to poke from inside the bag, through each hole in the wood, and through the outside of the bag. Be sure to keep the wood in place while you are making your holes so that they are all aligned. Remove the wood and use the awl to enlarge the holes so that they’re large enough to slip a screw through.

Step 3: For each of the three holes, slip a screw through a plastic hook. Put the wood back in the bag aligned with the holes. Entering from the outside of the bag, insert a screw through the first hole. The hook will remain on the outside of the bag. Insert the screw until it pierces both the bag and the wood. On the open end of the screw, place a washer and a nut. Tighten the nut using the screwdriver and wrench. Repeat for all holes in each bag. The top two hooks will be placed with the rounded hook portion on top, and the bottom hook will have the rounded portion on the bottom.

Step 4: Use a hammer to break away the orange ball on two of your bungee tarp ties.

Step 5: Affix the bags to your bike! The top two hooks go over the top of the rack. Then hook a bungee around the bottom hook, down and through the bottom hole in the rack, back up and onto the same hook. Your bags are done!

Step 6: If you want to make a bonus towel holder, read on. Cut off the straps from one of the purses.

Step 7: Cut two 11″ sections from the strap, trying not to include any buckles or holes.

Step 8: Use the awl to puncture a hole on either end of each strap, approximately 3/4″ from the end.

Step 9: Use the same technique from Step 3 to affix a hook into each hole.

Step 10: Roll and place your towel on top of the back rack. Hook one strap over each end of the towel. You’re ready to roll!

diy-bike-pannier-bags-4-800x1200 diy-bike-pannier-bags-3-800x1200

Maybe one of the coolest things about the project is that with the bag that still has its strap, you can tuck the strap inside while you travel and then unhook the bag and use it as a purse too! Just pull the strap out and tuck the bungee cord inside while you’re walking around. Then you can reattach it when you’re ready to roll. This was such a fun one to make (and use!), hope you try it out.

British Minimalism Leather Goods – Alfie Douglas

leather bag
Handmade Leather Bags

Alfie Douglas studio are made up of a group of people who are interested in design, create and make their own products.They gathered together so that their creatives can interact and incubate ideas.

Alfie Douglas Showroom
Alfie Douglas Showroom

Their products are original. They are simple visually and in the way that they are made. Ingenious in the way that they can be adapted and customized in their function. Each one is different, singular, made by hand to be reliable and sustainable. Comfortable to use.

Life is busy, Alfie Douglas products are made to adapt to an ever-changing lifestyle.If you need products that work with you and that are dependable and mould to you, you may like their products.


Alfie Douglas’ customers are individuals with a strong sense of identity. Adventurous and energetic. Free and active. Confident and capable, actively seeking new adventures. Cherishing and valuing their possessions, conscientious of their impact on the future.

Here are some customers’ look with Alfie Douglas products.

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