Garvan De Bruir: The Irish Carpenter and Leather Craftsman

leather workshop

Garvan De Bruir, a famous carpenter, leather craftsman and designer who lives in Kildare. In fact he was only a carpenter at first and he started to contact with the leather because he needed to add leather sets to the wooden chair. Then he quickly fall in love with leather craft and started to make other leather products.

Garvan thinks that the greatest thing of leather craft is that there is no limit to your ideas and thoughts. You can make anything with leather, not only traditional leather bags but also some strange things such as leather tie, leather scarf.

Garvan headed a contemporary studio in Kildare and the workshop is oval wooden structure built by himself. So let’s look at the DE BRUIR studio and its beautiful leather products.

workshop outlookworkshop space workinginside of workshop   leather bag leather bag leather tie leather scarf